Volvo Polestar 1 Price

You have seen the incredible pictures, been blown away by the multiple internaitonal awards and now need the Volvo Polestar 1 price…

Bring beauty and style and sustainability into your life. Polestar know how to make performance work and matter – and the Polestar 1 is the ultimate machine.

Polestar 1 is the limited run plug in electric hybrid style muse. The very first model to explode from the Polestar dream factory.  With a limited run of only fifteen hundred units, it flew to every corner of the world for car affectionados.

Hand built, and packed to the max with high technology – the incredible gearbox is not only turbo charged but supercharged for rivers max enjoyment. 

At the front of this beast is a two point zero – four cylinder engine. At the back is a pair of electric motors – one per wheel. And yet another motor is positioned between the engone and the gearbox. Pure power baby!

Working together as a team, there is an incredible 601bhp and a wild 738 ft of torque. The best of combustion and electric make the Polestar 1 the power house you would expect. 

So, lets talk prices. Bear in mind the additional benefit that by moving into the sustainable car areana, you are also doing your bit to be at the centre of the earth improvement movement. And that screams cool. 

– Volvo s60 polestar 1 price UK

GBP 139k

– Volvo s60 polestar 1 price USA

USD 155,000

– Volvo s60 polestar 1 price Canada

CAD 236,000

Volvo s60 polestar price 1 Sweden

Krona 1.5m

Volvo s60 polestar price 1 Denmark

1.3m Krone

In case you are still on the fence about your Polestar 1 decision. Remember that the nortoriously difficult to impress Forbes describe the Polestar 1 as “The Most Handsome Car of 2020.”

A beautiful vehicle in terms of all aspects of performance and style. Get driving!


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