Polestar Precept

Sleek, speedy, silver, sophisticated, super – how else to desribe the absolutely fabulous Polestar Precept? Simply put, this car is extraordinary. Heaving with grace and power, it turns heads at every corner. 

First impressions envelope car lovers into a romance so slickly done – we are willing to be seduced. 

Polestar is known for impressing – but the Polestar Precept took it to an entirely different level. This car is universal in conveying an impression of the future arriving today. 

A great beauty of sporty proportions – Polestar Precept is a proper car. By that, we mean, it looks it’s spectacular. The curves, the lines, the wheels.

And that is all before you get into the vehicle to experience the drive. This is not just a ‘concept car’ – it really delivers. As a Tesla Model 3 competitor the Polestar Precept is the graceful grown up in the room.  

Thomas Ingenlath is well know for his Swedish discipline to transform Polestar into the world’s most sustainable luxury car brand. And Ingenlath is not messing around. Cio plastic and hello special composites that decreased weight by a mega 50%! Weight needs fuel – and this means dramatic energy savings. Add that to cutting plastic waste by a mindblowing 80%. 

Leather is supporting the destruction of rainforests, not to mention, causing totally unnessesary suffering to animals –  recycled PET bottles are used for seats. 

Cork (again recycled) is used to create bolsters and headrests.

Reclaimed fishing nets are the main source of the stylish carpets. 

Even if you are not into the environment – this kind of quality and substance exceeds expectations of the most demanding. 

Lets get to money. At USD39k for entry price, this is a seriously exciting buy. The performance is closest to the best selling luxury car on the US in 2018 (no names mentioned – you know who we are talking about). 

Polestar Precept is in production and showing the world what electric cars need to be. Playful and powerful. Arrange your test drive today.

Polestar Precept

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