Polestar 3

Polestar 3 screams FREEDOM and uniqueness. This is the brands first proper pull out into Polestar as a unique brand identity – rather than as an extension of VOLVO. 

We love VOLVO. The reliability.  The strong craftmanship. The quality. All of the above are fundamentals – and why VOLVO keep producing the most sturdy vehicles in the market.  

But we also want to drive sheer beauty. A car that feels like an escape. A car that is who we are inside. 

Max Missoni didn’t hold back on beauty in designing Polestar 3, This is the most unique Polestar so far. Max knows a thing or two about making a car into a work of art. Just have a look at Max himself – he screams discrete style – just like the Polestar 3. This brings the question of if ridiculously good looking people are needed to design ridiculously good looking cars? I digress. 

Whatever it takes to get a coupe look to this level of invigoration. This  SUV is a five seater with an electric moor on each axle giving acres of power and four wheel drive. 

Comparisons are being made to the Tesla Model X and Jaguar I-Pace. But the incomparable unity of the strength of Volvo and the style and performance tech of Polestar make this an absurdly easy choice. Polestar 3 is simply a car of the future, right here in the present. 

Using google for mapping (Polestar have the humility to use the best rather than reinventing the wheel). Watch out for the most advanced semi autonomous driving capabilities set to change the way you driver forever. 

Interior wise, as always Polestar has the whole confident sophistication vibe that distinguish them as leaders of a new generation car. Vegan seating, limited plastics – Polestar 3 is a showcase of sustainability done with maximum style. 

As always, Polestar 3 is in it’s own lane. Test drives are in high demand and are recommended. 



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