How much does a Polestar 2 cost?

Polestar 2, by Volvo, is creating quite a storm of excitment around the world. The high end electric car received multiple awards including Car of the Year.  A Polestar car is a treasure to own and drive. 

How much does a Polestar 2 cost around the world:

Canada: Polestar price is $69,900
The high tech environmentally concious Vancouver region is a hot spot

UK: Polestar price is £49,900
Performance super fans cruise around Daylesford to Chelsea in the vegan interior

USA: Polestar price is $59,900
Los Angeles and NYC are the centre of the electric vehicle action

Sweden: Polestar price is SEK 659,000

Sweden is proud of the Polestar brand and excited to support their home grown success story

Norway: Polestar price is NOK 469,000

An early enthusiast of electric vehicles, Polestar is often seen in Oslo, looking fantastisk 

With Polestar cars being made with significant attention to reducing the environmental impact of production – customers are also doing their part for sustainability. Performance is not affected by this. Each produces 201 horsepower and 243 pound-feet of torque, for a total system output of 402 horsepower and 487 lb-ft of torque. In terms of style , Polestar 2’s polished appearance turns heads. The Polestar 2 interior is slick and easy to handle, using google technology. 

Polestar 2 review :

The new Polestar 2 could be the answer to a very difficult question: how do you beat the brand that transformed electric cars.
Tesla showed the world that going electric didn’t have to mean sacrificing comfort, performance and style, or putting up with a tiny range between charges. And its best car of all, the Model 3,  currently dominates the large electric car class. But it now has a red hot, like-for-like rival from the cold north.
(What Car? Team)

How much does a Polestar 2 cost
How much does a Polestar 2 cost?

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