How To Buy A Polestar 2

Buying a Polestar 2 is as easy as swiping your phone. Why settle for ordering food, fashion and flights on your mobile device? Polestar is at the front of innovation with arranging a easy online process handling all aspects.

Polestar 2, the 100% electric sedan, is where innovation meets design.

Book at testdrive and see what everyone is talking about.

1. Every new Polestar is already fully specced

The design of the Polestar 2 is already outstanding and comes fully specced. There are a manageable number of custom choices for you to consider.

2. 2 week consideration period

Think about the options and if you feel you want to amend any specifications, you have 2 weeks to do that.

3. Handover

Polestar will deliver the car to your doorstep.

PS – When you approach the Polestar 2, she peforms a light show happy dance to see you coming. Nice.


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