Polestar Stock

Polestar Stock

Why it the internet roaring with people asking how to buy Polestar stock? Because every financial wizz, stock buff and car lover wants IN.

Electric car brands get buzz thanks to the growing total available market (TAM) that is inevitably growing as various countries implement short range targets to get gas guzzling vehicles OFF the roads, for sustainabily reasons.


– The UK are banning the sales of new production petrol and diesel cars by 2030. 

– The EU will have a minimum of 30 million electric cars on roads before 2020. 

– In China 40% of all cars will be electric vehicles by 2030. That means 50 million vehicles. 

The demand is going ahead as the powers that be dictate this move towards sustainability and clean air. 

But why all the excitement for Polestar stock? After all, there are other electric brands too. 

Firstly, onto Tesla. The growth in stock value through the decades of development have wowed the hardest of critics. By now, the high entry point is considerable. 

Newer electric brands also experience attention. But there must be caution given to brands that are better in the design and branding aspects of the art of cars – rather than in the business of ACTUALLY MAKING CARS.

And that is where Polestar come in. Forget about the incredible design and beauty of Polestars. Forget about the sustainable sleek designs – breaking through cutting leather and plastic into more nimble cooler alternatives. 

Two words that make Polestar stock so valuable. 



Volvo car group wisely acquired Polestar racing group back in 2015. The height of high technology and ultra fast racing. Our Swedish friends Volvo know a thing or a hundred about creating totally reliable cars. Attention to detail. Respect for safety. Long term quality all spring to mind. 

Add these attributes to the powerhouse that is Geely. For those of you that don’t know, Geely is the biggest car company most people have never heard of. Geely owns almost 10% of Daimler AG – owner of Mercedes Benz and Smart Brands. Geely also owns 51% of Lotus cars. Geely also aquired the famous British taxi firm The London Electric Vehicle. Geely sales reached a staggering 2.178 million units in 2019. 

The combination of Volvo and Geely is why Polestar stock talk is going seriously electric. 

Polestar have just completed their first round of funding (Dec 2020). Another round is planned in Dec 2021. Then an IPO is scheduled in 3 years. Polestar stock. We want you!

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