Volvo s60 Polestar


Looking for an incredible chassis, Hybrid electric, with mountains of style? Look no further than the Volvo s60 Polestar. At the premium end of the market, this model has a harmonic design for a pleasurable ride. 

Volvo gives the stablity of an excellent choice – whilst the Polestar brand keeps you at the front of dynamic performance cars. The balance of old world and new world perfectly blends in the Volvo s60 Polestar.

This energetic performance luxury Swedish saloon embodies a hybrid powertrain and incredible engine software – as you would expect from Polestar where passion and power are united. 

Volvo has always been about safety. But Polestar brings incredible styling and incredible fresh energy. Prepare to be impressed. 

116 horsepower and four wheel drive blast you for a thrilling experience every day. Suspension is extremely smooth with excellent handling. The cabin is very clean and elegant and uncluttered. 

The 2019 production sold out in a hour. The 2020 also experienced vigorous sales and excellent reviews.

On the road, the overall impression is one of sporty confidence. The low key – except those in the know – exterior badges, demonstrate a quiet confidence. Inside the vehicle, the steering gearshoft paddles continue with the youthful sporty style. 

This car screams discretion and assuredness. 

Volvio S60 Polestar has zero emmissions in line with the importance and respect for sustainability. 

Responsive handling is one of the key points of the Volvo S60 Polestar. Lightweight alloy wheels work for your as the driver to give you the smoothest drive. 

“On California’s notoriously rough section of Interstate 5 through the San Joaquin Valley, the suspension maintained immaculate composure, even on the craggier bits.”

How much is the Volvo s60 Polestar

UK Price:50,000
USD Price: 64,000

PS – look out for the golden seat belt. Epic.hybrid

Volvo s60 Polestar

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